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Having owned, showed, and bred horses for over 35 years I find selecting the right equestrian property takes an experienced eye. Each horse breed has its own requirements. From the pastures to the barn and tack room I can help you find the right property to suit your needs and that of your four-legged treasure. Stalls: Sizes always vary, but 12 x 12 is best for resale. You can't put a thoroughbred in a 10 x 10 stall comfortably. It is best to have drainage on each side of your footings, 3 layered base with rubber stall mats. Feeders and water access is also important. Arenas vary in size. An 80 x 85 would be great for Quarter horses, team penning or drill team though would be far too short for dressage, hunter/jumper eventing needs. A common arena size is 80 x 120. Fields: It is always best to rotate your fields if you are fortunate to have enough acreage. One horse per acre is a good average though 2 ponies can have enough space with an acre. With horses it is best to have as much useable property possible. Planting your fields with a 5 way grass mixture you get from the feed store will help give your horse a varied diet. Adding gravel around each gated area will help cut down on mud. French drains can be added if the mud is real bad. Fencing: 3-4 rail wood fencing is best and strongest. Vinyl fencing is beautiful and is easier to maintain and clean. These types are best for resale and will add the most value. Using treated posts will extend the life of the posts during the wetter winter months. If possible running an electric wire along the top rail will extend the life of your fence and keep your horse off of it. The "perfect" horse fence is "V" grid wire fence with railroad tie posts and a top rail across the entire span with an electric line on the inside. There are many other types of fencing and I can help you determine which one is best for you and will also maximize the value of your property. This blog just touches on some of the requirements your horse will need. I can go into much more detail in person. Let's talk HORSE!

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