Thinking Outside the Box-The Self-Directed IRA

As you know, I like to think outside the box and want my clients to prosper. Even though our market has declines, I hope that the investments you have made are solid and will recover.

There are many ways to benefit in this market and ride the wave back up. Investors are buying everything. Why shouldn't you?

One of my clients who took my advice made an amazing investment in their future. They had 4 IRA's- 2 Roth and 2 standard IRA's-and instead of investing in stocks and bonds,rolled them over into a Self-Directed IRA. They then invested in Real Estate.

They purchased an investment property, a new home, for $200K with their Self-Directed IRA. A renter signed a 3 year lease, renting for $1,800 per month. After taxes,they gained $18,000 per year now for 5 years with a gain of $90,000. With the $90,000 they recently purchased another rental- a condo-for $60,000. This will rent for $850 per month with a gain of $500 after taxes and HOA dues are paid-$6,000 per year.

In another 3 years, when this client plans to retire, his $200,000 investment will have again of $180,000 just from the rent. The estimated sale of both properties could add another $150K as the condo originally was purchased for $150K when built.Both Roth IRA's will gain tax free. Amazing opportunity of which I understand well and can help you do the same.

If you know anyone who is interested in purchasing in this market or selling and is interested in this type of investment you know who to call!

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