Still a Gambler's Market?

Facebook is prompting me to speak about the market ~we are in a Gambler’s Market that is shifting. With that, be wise in listing your home. The market continues to change. It is natural to slow down as kids are getting out of school and graduations. Lots of them. This is a time of celebration for many. This is family parties, life changes, and why we work so hard. As the market picks up, your decision will be ‘do you believe the market is shifting as the press states, or do you gamble that the market will take off again like it was’....? I will say price your home at market and just below your competitors. At this time of year, after such a heated market, buyers are tired of their offers not being taken seriously. If a property is hot they will still bid it up, so this trend is not over, just a different strategy. Buyers don’t want to have to fix homes up, they want them turn key. Staging is hot, though not mandatory. If you have a luxury home, staging makes a luxury home comfortable to enjoy the luxuries and rewards of life. A vacant luxury home looks like a foreclosure. I think you get the point~ Want more of my opinion, ask~

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